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Independent watchdog of the Child Support Agency/Child Maintenance Services

Giving support to NRP’S.

Updated  25th March 2017



The Association is here to help those caught up  in the clasps of this dreadful Child Support Agency. The Founders are not solicitors and do not charge for any advice given, we wholly rely on donations to keep the site running and to give support in court cases and to give advice via email and/ or the forum. We cannot say what the outcome of court cases will be, nor will we say you will get the outcome you wish, that is down to the individual Magistrates or Judge. We will not be  held responsible for any loss that you may encounter , we are there to simply help and advise non resident parents to help make things as difficult for the CSA when they decide to break the law and their own procedures in order to recover child maintenance illegally.


 If you send us an email and you do not get a response please jog our memories by another email . Please do not let it get to or pass the court date before sending an email back accusing us of ignoring you are being a waste of time using us. We are doing this voluntarily, we do not receive any funding apart from donations and we do have our every day jobs to get on with and in our case we work  silly shift patterns, so please if you have a problem and we have not responded then a quick reminder will help us along.


As stated before we cannot and do not guarantee any outcome of any case be it appeal stage or court case, however if the result is not to your satisfaction, please let us know what happened and what was stated so we can then look at putting together a better defence case for the appeal. If you feel annoyed or simply want to tell us if and when we go wrong, then please feel free to air your opinion but please keep it expletive free. We are committed to reviewing how we support and advise so please note we are always welcome of constructive criticism.

BEWARE of others using the moniker “Deadbeatdad” on some websites and forums around the internet-in most cases it is not either of us who are posting to such sites/forums. If in doubt as to their identity, then drop us an e  mail and ask us as we cannot and will not, be held responsible for another’s words or actions if they are using a pseudonym similar or the same as “Deadbeatdad”.


Important Information


All NRPS need to write into the Agency to inform them that you do not give them permission to close your existing case, in order tor them to bring you onto the new system.  If your youngest child is not the age of 20 years old


What this means is that if they close your old case you will not be able to claim for all their wrongdoings in the old case, which will mean the Public Servants will get away with having to pay for their wrongdoings

Dead Beat Dads Association provides support and assistance to non resident parents,  and points you in the right direction when you are at the hands of men and women referred to as Child Support Agency or the new Child Maintenance Services officers.


For those of you who are at frustration level with staff at the Agency, who lie, threaten, ignore, cover up,  or change procedures


Threatening letters  Are you faced with threatening communications  from members of staff Find out how their threatening letters are outside of their public jurisdiction


Liability Orders  Are you being threatened with a Liability Order in the Magistrates Court? Find out how Liability Orders for Child Support are not worth the paper they are written on .


Charging Orders  Are you faced with or threatened with a charge on your property, you need to know how to protect your property.


Revocation of Driving License Are you faced with or threatened with the revoking of your driving license, find out how to protect your license.


Threat of Prison   This is no longer an option. It was found to be in breach of the European Courts of Human Rights see Karoonian vs CMEC. Any CSA public servant found sending threats of such can be prosecuted for threats with the use of extortion




Please note that we are based in the United Kingdom (Great Britain)



The Right Honourable Damien Green who is now in charge of the Department of Works and pensions.


This is the man who MUST be at every Liability Court hearing, at the Magistrates should you be summoned to appear. The basic rule of law is that you have the right to face question and cross examine your accuser, no other CSA officer can take the stand up under oath and swear that what they say is the truth as they are not the secretary of state and as there is no funds owed to any of these CSA officers then they are at court bearing false witness

This is the  famous Carla Prendergast who you see her printed signature upon your letters;