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The CSA are not being truthful to the NRP when it comes to telling them how the assessment works plus information on their web sites do not tell the full process of how child maintenance is calculated.
  Below is a statement that is on the CSAs web site, the correct information has been included  which is in the bold print

We are getting tougher on parents who avoid their financial responsibility to their children. If parents fail to pay child maintenance, we will take action to get the money they owe.
We can use a range of powers to get parents to pay. (They have no powers, they ae public servants remember and work for us the public, and we the public have delegated no powers to these people) We can take the money direct from their wages. (There are procedures they have to follow first before doing so like sending out a Maintenance Enquiry Form for you to fill in and return with your income details) We can also use the courts to claim the money they owe, this includes:
Seizing non-resident parents' belongings and selling them
Freezing money belonging to, or owed to them
Registering their debt so that it affects the transfer or sale of property or assets
Forcing the sale of property owned by the non-resident parent
Confiscating their driving licence or stopping them from getting one for up to two years
Sending them to prison.  They can no longer  send you to prison as this was found to be in breach of the Human Rights Act 1988). You have every right to challenge the jurisdiction of any court to preside over matters to do with equity and the courts cannot proceed until that jurisdicxtion has been granted by a higher court.. Make sure you turn  up in court to claim your rights

Taking money from wages
If the parent has a job the first thing we try is to take the money direct from their wages. This is known as a 'deduction from earnings order'. (This is false information the first thing they are NOT supposed to do is take money from wages direct. They have to send out relevant forms for the NRP to fill in and return to the CSA The NRP has 7 days to return the forms. Failure to do so results in the CSA informing the NRP that he has a further 7 days to respond to them if not the CSA have to go to the NRPs Employer to obtain the income details  then issue a Deduction of Earnings order)
We can take up to 40% of the parent's net income to cover their regular child maintenance and contributions towards any payments they have missed. If the deduction from earnings order will not fully recover child maintenance arrears within two years, we can take action to collect any outstanding amount through the courts at the same time.
Every hour we issue 25 new orders to ask employers to take money from wages.
For new cases we aim to do this within four months from when we first told the parent what they should pay. Employers are required by law to take maintenance from non-resident parents' wages if we tell them to.
If the parent gets benefits, pension or a War Pension, we will take the money direct from their benefits or pension. If they are in Her Majesty's Armed Forces and have failed to make their payments, we will send a request to the Ministry of Defence to take the amount owed.
If the parent is self-employed we can still take action through the courts to make them pay.
Every day 35 non-paying parents have their cases passed onto courts.
Taking action through the courts
If we can't take money from the non-resident parent's wages we will apply to the courts for a liability order for the missed child maintenance. We will then take legal action to get the money owed.
In Great Britain we were granted 13,335 liability orders between February 2006 and January 2007, a 25.7% increase on the previous year.
The legal action we then take depends on if the parent lives in England and Wales or in Scotland, however we have no powers to chase NRPs who live in Southern Ireland.
In certain circumstances we might also be able to take action if the parent lives abroad. If we can't take action we can still tell the parent with care who to get in touch with to take up their case.
More and More NRPs are now summonsing the CSA to court because they break laws and act fraudulently in order to obtain money.

It has become apparent that CSA caseworkers are lying to or refusing to give the correct advice when it comes to assessing Child Maintenance and what’s more infuriating is that the CSA are breaking laws and failing to adhere to their own guidelines when it comes to assessing child maintenance and more and more NRPs are taking the CSA to court.

Child Support Chief Executive and Ministers are turning a blind eye to the fact that case workers are breaking the law even when confronted by strong evidence of the facts by other organizations.

Rounded Rectangle: Lies and The Truth About the CSA