Text Box: Rounded Rectangle: Imprisonment


The threat of being sent to prison or have your driving license revoked is enough to make anybody crumble. This is the whole idea behind why the CSA do this, is to make you cough up. We can assure you that they cannot send you to prison, and they cannot remove your driving license, it is a civil matter, not a criminal one, however they try and twist the rules of their games to suit themselves, they then manipulate the Magistrates in order to send you to prison or to remove your license.


 If you do not have legal representation then they have no jurisdiction to imprison you, that’s is why they need a duty solicitor to which they will get to come in a represent you. You refuse their duty solicitor, he is only there working for the courts, their first priority is to the crown, never to you. They need three signatures to send you to prison, the Magistrates, the Prosecution and your solicitor, if those three are not there then they cannot imprison you.


It is then a matter of the Court Presenting Officer being legally trained, the best thing to do is ask when your in the court if they are legally qualified, chances are they are not. The next important thing to do and this works across the whole country and we speak from experience, and that is not to confirm your corporation to the courts. Your corporation is your name, also known as your birth (berth) certificate, that is all these people can control you with, they cannot deal with the god created living soul, therefore by going into court and stating you are the agent of necessity how may you help the court do business. This gets them frustrated as they cannot risk sending somebody to prison who they do not know of their identity. In Scotland where we represented one NRP we refused to stand when they ordered us to, this got them annoyed but when we asked them to show us under what authority we had to stand, they stated that they could not provide that info, the court officer went running to the sheriff with his little hand in the air like a small child reporting to a teacher, only to be ushered away after speaking to the sheriff stating that a group refuse to stand when you walked in the court room.


 When the NRP stood up to answer the case he simply stated he was the Agent of Necessity, there is no law to state he had to give his name, it ended up with the sheriff banging her hand on the desk as if to try an intimidate the NRP, and then she shouted “God dam it I need your name and if you don’t I have the power to commit you to prison” Our member held out stating “he was the Agent of Necessity how may he help them conclude their business.” They then stated they would deal with him later, bingo we had her, she had no power to commit him to prison, she exhausted all avenues to try and scare him, as that is what the courts are there to do.


 When we recessed and came outside a solicitor followed us asking us what we were doing, we said we were exercising our rights and did he have a problem with that. He started to use threatening tactics like “do not annoy the Sheriff as she will send you down I have known her send people to prison for back answering her” So we asked him who gave her authority to exceed her jurisdiction, and who does she think she is by losing her temper in court, when she is there to keep the peace in court perhaps she needs medical attention if she is out of control” That raised a few laughs however it was pointed out that the courts in question were actually a company which was run by a certain council, they tried to deny it however when proof was presented to them they soon backed down.  The result of that case was we went back in and stood our ground again case thrown out.


 It is a matter of knowing your rights and knowing the corruption going on within this corrupt company for you to understand what they are up to.

































































Some hints and tips what to say when you are summonsed to court or reworded that should read invited to a place of business. The Government are a company, so are the Magistrates Court. They have no lawful jurisdiction over you. Listen to these helpful tips below and yes they are for UK courts. Sit back and listen, take notes if need be