Text Box: Rounded Rectangle: Charging Orders

For those of you who have had charging orders or interim charging orders put against your property then you need to read this.

You will have received a letter from the Land Registry stating they have received an application to register a restriction in the proprietorship of the above title. It will state that the Child Support Agency Birkenhead or which ever company is dealing with your case. It will look something like this below


































It is apparent that when the CSA get an interim order, which means they have a order in the mean time until the final hearing at the county court. However the CSA are treating this as the go ahead to send out threatening letters stating that they have the order and they can now force the sale of your property, they are also doing this with bank accounts. They are then sending out letters like this


































































































































What we recommend you do, and we speak now from experience is to contact the Land Registry and ask to see a copy of the court order granted by the courts, you will find when you do receive it that it is not signed nor will it be stamped by the court. The Land registry are then acting unlawfully from an unsigned unstamped order so you bring the Land Registry into the corruption. What you then need to do is write  to the courts  and start to ask for the Judges names justices role number and a copy of their oath of office. They are required by law to give you that information, if they don’t then you bring the courts into the corruption. If any of the above companies refuse to give you that information you request then they are in dishonour and are committing fraud.


 With one NRP the land registry have put everything on hold as they failed to realise that the orders had not been signed or stamped, what concerns us the most s why are the courts sending out unsigned unstamped documents in order to try and remove non resident parents property in order to make funding for the company trading as the Child Support Agency. It also come to light that the courts who granted  to so called order were using Solicitors and not Judges.  This come to light when we asked for the Judges Oath of Office and Justices role number, the courts refused to pass on that info, so it has come to the stage where we are now proving the courts, the CSA, land registry and the Banks that have been bailed out by the Government are all in collusion with each other in order to make funds for their company’s.


The plot thickens, but you can get them running in the opposite direction

Some hints and tips what to say when you are summonsed to court or reworded that should read invited to a place of business. The Government are a company, so are the Magistrates Court. They have no lawful jurisdiction over you. Listen to these helpful tips below and yes they are for UK courts. Sit back and listen, take notes if need be

They are giving out incorrect information here as they cannot force the sale of your property as it is only the land it sits on is what they have the order for. They do not have a final order at this stage but they are stating they have.

They state they can legally recover funding from the sale of your property to pay them what you legally owe. The fact remains legal is NOT lawful, legal is contractual therefore you want to see a copy of the contract with yours and the CSA signature on it.

We think our friend John here has a problem, he states that they already have the order placed on the property, but Land Registry state there is charge put on the land, but he is stating that if our member refuses to pay the amount allegedly owed to their company then they will go to the courts to get an order against his property. CSA confused dot com

Being in debt is not against the law and if they say that you could result in being sent to prison that is a threat to restrict your freedom which the CSA have no lawful jurisdiction to do.

There is no LAW to say you have to inform this company about change of address. It is only statutory legislation which needs your consent to be enforced as a law, no consent no law.

Even they admit themselves the CSA is the operating name of the current STATUTORY maintenance service run by CMEC

The Company trading as the CSA/CMEC now think they are legal advisors. It wouldn’t be so bad if they knew the difference between legislation and Common Law

The state they can apply for the sale of your property, they cannot force the sale of the property if all they allegedly have is charge on the land.

 They contradict themselves

They state if the Agency has good reason they will appeal against the County Court decision if it decides not to grant the order.

 Wonder what their good reason could be? Ah yes they are run by Common Purpose Graduates and they need money to pay off the Agencies £21000 county court judgement registered against them

If you notice here it states that there is a restriction being applied for, for the Land  the property sits on, not the property. Therefore  they CSA have no charging order set against your house