Text Box: Rounded Rectangle: Know your Rights In court

       In a British court of law - know your rights


You have to establish how to hold YOUR Court, if you go into their COURT as a defendant you will never win, even all the proof to show the CSA has done wrong will not gain you a win.


Their Court system is set up to ensure they win no matter what, they do not want you knowing the correct way of dealing with matters in court, lets face it they have been onto a multi billion pound winner for several hundred years now, so why they going to tell you what your rights really are?


The CSA was created by Government, Government own Citizens, Government created the Court system and also created the PRIVATE codes known as ACTS. Why Private, when the public know about them? We do not know we have done something wrong until some Government body picks up on it, then they start to give you all the legal jargon about which act you have contravened etc etc, you are then instructed to seek legal advice, which means going to a Private Practitioner ( Solicitor, Barrister), and then you are taken to Court to which you think you are in a court of law and most of the time if you are a defendant you will lose, and you will be fined or imprisoned. If you need to hire a solicitor or barrister, then you do not fully understand these private codes, in fact I defy anybody to say they fully understand every private code the Government make. They are private for a reason.


The CSA work in the same way, they issue threats such as “ PAY WHAT YOU OWE OR FACE LEGAL ACTION” which is becoming popular nowadays, that is followed by you owe £££££££. Then they go into bullying mode , telling you that they are looking to take legal action against you, and what the Magistrates will and will and will not accept, hmmmm giving legal advice when not authorised to do so big NO NO, they then carry on to give you the advice under the Child Support Act 1991, and the Child (Collection and Enforcement) Regulations 1992.


What is happening here is the Magistrates Court is being used as an ADMINISTRATIVE court, not a law court. An administrative court lures you into their codes, (Child Support Act 1991, Child (Collection and Enforcement) Regulations 1992.) which is why the only thing the Magistrates will ask you is “ are you the father and do you believe you owe these amounts?” Even if you have al the evidence to show the CSA are wrong, this will matter not one little bit as long as you are in there as a defendant under their private codes, they can change their codes to suit themselves to still work in favour of their own. Now think about it, in an Administrative Court you have public servants who are working for Government, and you have the CSA who are also public servants who are working for Government, do you think you are going to  get a fair case in their private courts where they work for each other????? Noooo


Knowing how to turn an Administrative court into a Court of law is the key,, it  is food for thought and research for you to look up how to do it