Text Box: Rounded Rectangle: The truth about Interim Assessments

Interim Assessments are just figures made up on paper, no actual debt exists, just like assessments made from wage slips, or tax return accounts, they can assess you and they can write figures down, but no debt actually exists because the CSA do not pay any funds out to the Parent with Care, so where is the actual debt?? answer -there isn't one.

Due to the Agency itself not being financially licensed, by law they are not allowed to give you financial advice. They may say that they don't have to be financially licensed to carry out the Agencyís business, however when they are saying how much is needed to be removed from your wages, bank accounts, or sale of your property to financially support the children, that is giving financial advice. Also telling you how much you should left with to survive on, usually known as protected earnings, is known as giving financial advice, something they are not authorised to do.

An interim assessment is only supposed to last for no more than 3 months, until they obtain details from your employer, bank or the Tax man. However, due to the lack of knowledge of the law, the minions at the CSA driven by bonusís and targets, inflate the interim assessments by a whopping 300%., and then let them continue for longer than the applicable 3 months, sometimes for years, until they reach an unrealistic figure. They then say you have accrued arrears and ultimately will then try and enforce this under a Liability Order procedure using their private Administrative Magistrates Court. So if you have been placed on an Interim Assessment, you now know that it is/has been inflated by 300%, so be aware, how can you then be told that you have arrears??

†Please see below the admittance of this by Noel Shanahan which was taken from an uncorrected business meeting they had









So if you are invited to do business at the Magistrates Court under their private laws known as the Child Support Act 1991, you can publicly display this clip for your evidence.