Text Box: Rounded Rectangle: CMEC Propaganda

What better way to advertise the Government Propaganda than the national newspapers. Here is an article taken from the Mail on Sunday dishing out CMEC propaganda and the powers CMEC purport to have. Unfortunately the national newspapers will not print the truth about what rights  non resident parents have

Dead Beat Dads Association, can inform you, the NRP, that the CSA like to believe they can take away your driving licence, and can take away your house or your passport. However, even though this has probably happened to some NRP’s already, it doesn’t mean they can get away with it all of the time!

Once you are armed with a little knowledge, you can protect yourself and your home, that is provided you aren’t one of these NRP’s that has never, or doesn’t pay, you can keep all of these things that the bullies like to threaten you with !!

Although this has only just been printed by the Press Association on the 20th May 2012, regarding homes  stripped from the NRP, driving licences and Passports removed, this is in fact old news, the CSA have been trying to unlawfully proceed down these avenues for the last 2 years.


A lot of Bank Accounts are being raided and a majority of the banks that are complying with non legal notices sent to them by non legally qualified, non financially licensed members of CSA staff, are those banks that were bailed out by the Government using public funds. Banks can be prosecuted for invading private bank accounts and intermeddling with private funds.


Deduction from Earnings are  illegal, and most employers are acting upon non legal documents either posted or faxed to them by the Agency demanding that they deduct private funds from private the income of Non Resident Parents. There are measures in place for employers to protect their employees against the Agency but most employers are not aware of this. Due to the incorrect information given to them by the Agency on these alleged Deduction Orders


 Ministers want to now start charging the Parent with Care  for opening up new cases using the Agency’s services, but DBDA placed an objection to the Green Paper regarding this, as this is pure greed on the Agency’s and Ministers behalf because the Agency is supposed to be a public body paid for by the Tax Payer, so why are they forcing the tax payer to pay twice for their services???? Could this be further evidence that the Agency is a Private Company and that possibly Companies House- Duport and Dun and Brad Street are actually printing the truth about this private company?


We can state that by protecting your property by adding a name onto the bank account, keeping the account in the red, the CSA are unable to remove any funds.

We would welcome Linda Brown and Edward Davies the opportunity to show thei Agency’s public accounts to show where all of these alleged debts have accrued,  DBDA can state that several of our members who have been issued with threats of removal of accounts, sales of property, have written a simple letter to the Agency to show where they have paid funds out, to benefit our members and their property, in order for them to take you to court to recover the funds as a debt, here is their response


There you have the evidence, the Agency cannot pay funds out until they have ben received from the NRP. Throw in the fact the Agency ( a name only) has no claim against you, only another man or woman can make a claim against you, that means only another minion who actually works at the Agency can be named to make a claim against you.


So ,we now need that actual man or woman to come forward to point the finger at you to say “ I paid out ££££££ to benefit you and your property”, hmm Ian Duncan Smith, will he come forward???? Erm nope, he doesn't know you, Susan Ferguson ??????? Erm nope, your ex PWC?????? Nope she cannot say I spent ££££££ to benefit this mans property, and after all she can be the only who could possibly make a claim, however this can be settled privately without the aid of the Agency. The Agency is a third party interloper who really has no claim against you and cannot act on behalf of your ex, because they do not have first hand knowledge of the facts, nor are they financially licensed or legally qualified.


We would like to point out that in their private codes,