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If you seek assistance and support with your case and you e mail us,  we request you give a minimum donation of £30 and a full case history, to enable us to provide the assistance and guidance ,support you need, it would be appreciated, if you do not submit both then your e mail will go unanswered.

Please note that if we do take your case on we may require further small donations to enable us to continue work on your case, if you disagree with this then please do not contact us.

Please do not contact us asking if we are able to offer support, give a brief case history, then ask for a response before  making a donation. If we decide we cannot offer support then any donation submitted will be refunded in full.

Also note we do not keep anyone’s personal details on file nor do we keep records of anyone’s case once we have finished assisting or a person has decided we have done all we can and has decided to look for advice elsewhere. All details for each individual cases are destroyed fully once we no longer give assistance and support.

Once again, please fully think if you decide to submit a donation to support our Association, although all donations are fully appreciated and all go to the Associations costs, we have had the few that decide afterwards to issue a chargeback, this is both unfair and crass in our opinion. Please note that if after you have read this and still decide to ignore it and go for a charge back, we will issue a claim against you, if you have made a donation because you agree to the support and assistance that we offer, then that donation should be made in good faith. Due to a few more recently that have tried this, yet have given us an email to say they support, we have had to use funds to issue claims in the justice system.



Help us to keep up the fight




 Also join us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/955165934550791/, however acceptance is through our discretion only via emailing us first with your full case history and your donation. Your donation will be refunded if we do not accept your case. Acceptance to Facebook will be after we have considered your case.





Please note: Do not email us if you are a partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband .Mother, Father, Sister,  Brother, Aunt ,Uncle, Cousin etc of the non resident parent, we do not deal with third parties, we prefer to deal with the NRP direct. Also please do not email us from what appears to be a business/works email address as this is in breach of data protection and your e mail will go unanswered.


Also note that we do not appreciate those whom have been refunded their initial donation and been informed to try another organisation, attempting to circumvent the managers decision by attending a meeting thinking they will get advice there. You will be turned away no matter where you have travelled from as it is not always conducive to take on all cases that come our way, we have time restraints and heavy work loads at peak periods in any year which means that we cannot always help everyone.


If you are simply making a donation to help us with the fight, but do not require any assistance, then please drop us an email stating this. We have one or two people making a donation for help in courts that are not CSA related. Despite the fact we state that if you have donated and require our help but have not had a response, we tell you to drop us a reminder as we are usually snowed under with cases, however as stated, we have had a few make a donation for help outside of CSA matters, then sent an email to the pub where we hold our meetings, then an email to the forum hosts that hold our forum, but nothing to our email address and then reported us to Paypal for not receiving goods ,then reporting us for receiving goods but not as advertised.


This has ended up where we have had to contact Pay Pal via the phone which is not cost effective to DBDA at all