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By 2018 all old CSA cases will have closed and moved onto the new Child Maintenance Services system.

According to the state (Government), they now want to encourage all separated parents to talk to one another to sort out child support. As we all know in a majority of cases, the State (Government) know that isn’t going to happen, that is why they introduced the Child Support Agency in the first place; it was a double whammy for the Government as they knew they the would make mega money from the misery of parents who split up, and that they knew there would be animosity between the two parents and that the mother would use the Child Support Agency to get back at the father, we have been running long enough now to see that happen so many times in so many cases.


 Although it is not just a case of the mother goes direct to the Child Maintenance Services, this can no longer happen, access to the Child Maintenance Services are now through Child Maintenance Options, which they will take you through your options, one of those options are what the call a Family Based Arrangement, that is where both parents agree what they are willing to pay and accept and that removes the need to use the services of the Child Maintenance Services. Now this is the tricky bit, it is exactly like the old system such as mother and father cannot agree, so its now over to the Government to interfere and cause major problems, or where the father paid the mother cash in hand to mother, mother denies all know knowledge to the Child Support Agency, then the father gets hammered. The exact same procedure happened with the old system only this time they will be taking a lot more from you especially if they have to use enforcement.


The new system now takes 12% for one child 16% for two and 19% for three or more children, only this is of your gross wage not net, however it is after your pension contributions have been taken. These figures are based on the income of a non resident parent who has an income of between £200 and £800 per week. A non resident parent who is on £800 and £3000 per week  a further  9% for one 12% for 2 and 15% for 3 or more extra, so it’s the Government with their new private branch of the Child Maintenance Services laughing all the way to the bank . The best thing to do is increase your pension contributions, this will not effect your final take home pay and reduces the amount of income tax you pay which in turn reduces the amount of child support they can take from you;


 If enforcement action is needed then they add on 20% and the parent with care has to pay a 4% fee to receive the moneys. The only problem with that is it contradicts the proper Common Law, as in the parent with care and non resident parent are not being treated equally, this is going to be a big problem for the CMS, especially for those non resident parents who challenges their jurisdiction;


As it has been confirmed that the PUBLIC servants ( Ministers, Child Maintenance Services workers Members of Parliament) now require parents to speak to one an another to resolve child support matters, which at law is the correct procedure to follow.  We strongly advise non resident parents to make reasonable offers to the parent with care, a good procedure is to write a letter making the offer, you keep a copy of the letter for your records, you then put a self addressed envelope with a Recorded Delivery or Special Delivery sticker already on the envelope, these can be sourced from your local Post Office, we obtain 20 or 30 at a time which we keep at home and put that upon the envelopes ourselves you then post that Special or Recorded Delivery and you place that in the envelope with your letter. We strongly recommend you put a postal order or the cash for the parent with care to use to post their response back to you. Make sure you keep a record of the Recorded or Special  Delivery slip which is on the envelope for your ex to post back to you, that way you can keep  track of when the envelope was posted back to you, and it will come in handy if the parent with care refuses to play ball. This is what is called a Family Based arrangement ,should both parents agree on the amount that has to be paid;


Under the new scheme it is not as easy for the ex to just go to the CMS and tell them you are the father and the next thing you are having your wages rapped or bank account emptied. Firstly they have to contact Child Maintenance Options, who will then contact you and try to assist you in making payments, you can then provide them with the proof of the offer you have made , any refusal of a reasonable offer is classed as payment refused, we have know of Court fines for Criminal  matters being written off when an offer of a payment plan was refused by the Courts, once offer has been made they cannot at law refuse it, if they do then it is game over for them, same applies in Child Support matters;



Should the Child Maintenance Services become involved after an offer has been made, and they try to enforce any action against you then that puts them in a sticky position, however that is something we would have to assist you on.


The new contact details for the Child Maintenance Services are a Royal Mail Sorting Office in Gloucester P.O Box 249 Micheldean GL17 1AJ