Text Box: Rounded Rectangle: Iain Duncan Smith
A new Director of the Same Company


 Iain Duncan Smith has blamed the New Labour for the fact low income earning couples were worse off living together and that is the reason why couple split which is bad for the children.

 This is yet another smoke screen in order to justify more powers being given to the CSA. I think it is fair to say that the experience that fathers are having because they are split means the father is much  worse off, the fact that the CSA had been taking fathers to court to have Liability Orders granted against them and then to have his home taken away from him, passport removed driving license removed and even committal to prison, yes Ian us fathers are much better off apart.


 As it has been mentioned before it does not matter who comes into Government, they are only different directors of the same company, nothing is going to change no matter who is living in Downing Street. It seems strange they need us to vote them in, therefore we are the masters, not them, so who gave them authority to become our masters, think about it.


 Duncan Smith stated in one report “Duncan Smith, a practising Roman Catholic, sees Britain as bedevilled by inequality, where the poor are left marooned in council estates – workless, hopeless and luckless. “ Some fathers are not even that lucky to get to live on a Council estate due to the robbing CSA and Ministry of Justice.
























































 There you have it different directors of the same company. Duncan Smith state to MPs he is setting targets for CMEC to recover the 3.8 Billion pound debt owing to the CMEC. What about all the money the MPs owe the British Tax Payer  when they fiddled their expenses. Nice to see Duncan Smith admitting the fact that CMEC is a Quango. Tackling child poverty and supporting families are the key objectives of this Government, since when is their responsibility to interfere with families and Child Poverty is not down to the fact parents split up, Kitty Ussher confirmed that to us back in 2008.


 Duncan Smith also states "However the Government now has inherited a significant debt package of £3.8 billion, some of which dates back before the time when the CSA was amalgamated into Cmec. “ DBDA states that there is no debt package of 3.8 billion pounds as the Government have no right to enforce any of their Statutes, especially the Child Support Act 1991 upon anybody. Fathers who are working are already paying into the benefit system as it is through the tax system, therefore it is proof the CSA and CMEC is merely another tax burden on the father.


 Due to what we have found out about the corruption within Government it is about time they told the truth about what is going on. The Government have no jurisdiction over us and neither do their Statutes or codes. All of these codes are made up so that you the general public do not understand them, hence why they tell you to go and seek legal advice. Unless there are free public law schools then any intervention of any member of the legal society who are PRIVATE not public, have no standing in our public courts, the very same way the Public body known as the Child Support Agency or their public servants have no vested interest in our PRIVATE lives, that includes any private matters between ex partners and children.

They are all private companies conning the British folk into thinking all Statutes are laws.


Nice to see an MP sticking his head above the pulpit to make people aware of the real tricks the CSA get up to.