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  Welcome to the Dead Beat Dads Association, the support group for fathers ( NRP’s ) suffering at the hands of one of Britain’s most corrupt companies trading as the Child Support Agency/ Child Maintenance Services. We are now into our nineth year of running, can state that we have done so much research, gained so much knowledge and met some great people along that journey who have helped put the pieces into place.  The knowledge gained has helped us protect fathers especially when threatened by non legally qualified CSA staff who have, for too long now, thought they were and above  the law. 


The Dead Beat Dads Association was set up by a husband and wife team back in early 2008 due to  experiencing at first hand the unlawful, draconian activities of one of Britain’s worst companies ever to be created... The Child Support Agency, also known today as Child Maintenance Services. After doing research into this corrupt Agency and it’s staff, who are merely on power trips, and after reaching targets to fulfil their personal bonuses, we found a whole load of other corruption that lurks beneath this so called Agency that is being used as a front for a PRIVATE business.


 It was found that if you dared to question their unlawful activity they hung up on you and refused to speak to you when you rang back. More often than not they will have you down as being correspondence only, and where they would tell you lies to cover up the Agency’s corruption .


 This peaked the interest of both of us and we decided to take the CSA to court for not adhering to their own legislation, in our own case, this was an eye opener as it infuriated the Magistrates the way Maurice had been treated by staff at this Agency, however the Magistrates did inform the courts that they were powerless to do anything against the CSA as despite the fact the CSA had broken their own rules, they could not cancel the Deduction Of Earnings Order as there was nothing incorrect contained within the order!. Both being non defeatists, we decided to find out how a court, that is supposed to be there to protect and secure the property of wo/men, could have its hands tied and to investigate further.


This was when we started to act as McKenzie friends then went on to be lay advisors for fathers in court, time after time we found the courts being on the side of the CSA despite the fact the CSA had no evidence to show that any arrears were owing, or the fact that the father had hardened evidence to show that no arrears were owed. Again more research into this, and with the help of other organisations we found out the corruption that was going on, and we were able to put things in place to stop the CSA thinking it was above the law. We were also able to address most situations concerning the Courts and the CSA when they tried to send people to prison, or to try to remove Passports and Driving licenses. We even prevented Marston’s, and Rossendales the Child Support Agency’s so called bailiff services, from trying to impose powers they did not lawfully have. When Dead Beat Dads approached Marston's to ask them to provide proof they had lawful jurisdiction from a  court and not a company trading under the name of The Ministry Of Justice, of  Liability Orders,  that enabled them to make threats that they do against fathers, to date they have NEVER been able to provide ANY documentation that supports a Court Imposed Liability Order! Again like every other corrupt company they hang up when they realise somebody is after exposing them for not providing concrete evidence of the existence of  so called lawful documents.


 We can confirm 100% that the CSA/CMS is a public body operating as a private company, please see “NEW INFORMATION” and also “THE TRUTH ABOUT THE ILLUSION”  on our menu, this will show the courts and the CSA trading as run for profit companies, all business’s all part of the central bank for the Government.


We now find that bank accounts are being frozen, property having Charging Orders put against them and employers told that if they do not pay money direct from wages then the employers will be fined £1000 when they fail to pay money, , there are ways to nullify any fines issued by any Magistrates Courts,



This is not going to be an overnight fix, however it is proving to be a hit in the right direction, although not easy ,we are finding that certain employers when asked to seek legal advice on whether they can lawfully give out details to the CSA, they are just looking for an easy option and dismissing the employee, so we need to be involving ACAS and Trade Unions because this is totally unacceptable, and the sooner employers realise that employees have rights, and that they have the right to have their personal details kept private and unless the CSA provide hardened evidence that the father is the liable person, then employers have the right to withhold any information.


  A little bit about us before you carry on and read the rest of the site, we are not  qualified solicitors, we are not here to give legal advice, we will give lawful advice  and we will guide you through how to deal with your case, even if you have had a Liability Order granted against you and you have Marston’s  or Rossendales bailiffs knocking on your door we can help prevent all that and give the support needed. It is up to you whether you take our advice. However this is not going to be an easy fight, after all we are up against a corrupt Government who abuse the system at every turn and this then takes away both your lawful and human rights, however if you are prepared to stand your ground with both the CSA and their court system ,which is designed to act as Privateers, then you can win this battle. You will need to realise though, that none of the fight will be done for you, you will be shown and guided through as to how to deal with your case yourself, with support.


 Geographically if we are local to you and we are both available ,we will come and help support you as lay advisors in court, we do now have some Area Reps who have seen our procedures in court when we helped them with their own cases and this spurred them on to become Area Reps in order to help others caught up in this draconian mess of an agency.  However you can leave us an email  and we will help answer all your questions ( please see the contact us section ) 


We have a Facebook page, however to gain access to our Facebook page it requires a donation, and a full case history of your case to be sent to our email address first and from there it will be our discretion whether to allow you access to our Facebook page.  this goes towards the cost of running the web site as well as our research and support given. If we do not allow you onto our Facebook page or we decide for whatever reason that we cannot support you in your case, then your donation will be refunded.


Please note we do not condone fathers who have completely walked away and not paid a penny in maintenance, or decided that if they aren’t allowed contact with their child(ren) , then why should they pay? We are here to support those that have paid, or left lump sums for the ex partner, or even paid direct to the Parent with Care only to have the Parent with Care go to the CSA/CMS and state you have not paid a penny so you are hounded unnecessarily by them. We have put in our objections to the new Green paper that is going through Parliament at the minute as we believe there is a lot more consideration to  be introduced in order to make the CSA and CMService a rather wealthy company. It has become apparent they want to manipulate more companies to take an unhealthy interest in family affairs in order to obtain more funds for themselves.


To help people to understand we have done a few conferences and provided the evidence the to back up what we say is the truth, we are planning to do more

We must point out that we do not give legal advice, we are not solicitors nor do we ever intend to be, to be honest why do we need solicitors in the first place, should legal advice be free anyway? We will give non legal advice ,help and support either on our  Facebook page or via e mail but you remain totally responsible for  your own case.


We have also had it confirmed by a certain Legal Team manager of Wigan and Leigh Magistrates that the CSA/ CMS do the Liability Orders and the courts merely stamp them. This proves that HMCTS are merely courts of commerce, not courts of justice. Looks like the CSA/CMS were already doing administrative Liability Orders in the first place.


We hope you enjoy the site and hope it opens your eyes to the fact that the CSA/CMS are not there to reduce Child Poverty but merely to make funds to place into the Consolidation fund for the Government. With our help you will see that the CSA/CMS hate it when you exercise your rights. Please remember Solicitors will not get involved with the CSA /CMS unless they work for them, Citizens Advice bureau are no help and others want large amounts of cash just to read through your case and then want more to help assist you in court, we work on a donation basis only, and it all goes on helping you.  Please remember to read the “contact us “ page first before requesting information, and also please contact us first before trying to leave a message for our area reps.



We no longer make or take any telephone calls due to the few who think it is amusing

to try and gain inside information so they can usurp our moves.

Sherri and Maurice



Please note that we have had certain individuals who have contacted us, given a donation, praised our work and support, then lodged a charge back sometime later. Think carefully before you choose to donate to support our Association if you have no involvement with maintenance issues!!!!