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This is probably the most important thing a father should do when he realises that a separation, or divorce is on the cards, once you have discussed with your  soon to be ex partner that you wish to pay maintenance for the child/children you should try never to make payments in cash no matter how amicable you both are at that moment in time. Too many fathers have fallen into this trap because the ex, has a few years down the line, contacted the CSA and when the father has said to them that he has being paying for the last X amount of years, because he has no proof the CSA do not believe you and they always take the ex partners word for it and the NRP always get stitched over.


  Too many case coming through this Association as well as others such as NACSA where this is happening and trust me the CSA will do it regardless of how much money you have paid in the past, if you have no proof that you have paid that money then they will say you will be liable to pay back arrears.

    The CSA are not interested in your outgoings nor whether you lose your home or job, they will take that money regardless so keep any forms of signature from your ex partner or bank statements if you pay your ex standing order and keep them do not ever ever throw them away, the CSA can and will come to you even though your children are in their twenties and married, if your ex puts a claim in to them and states that you did not pay any child maintenance they will take her word for it. Make sure you get this message across because when the CSA get involved they have more powers than the Police and believe it when I say the CSA will abuse those powers.


    Until we as a group can expose more and more of what is going on to the public and get the message across to the Ministers, Lords and the rest of Government then we as a nation of Fathers and Mother NRP’s, then we need to do as much as possible to protect ourselves from being made to pay child maintenance twice over.


We cannot re iterate this warning enough as we have heard of cases where many years down the line, for whatever reason, the ex has gone to the CSA and this has caused major problems in later years with the NRPs financial standing and has resulted in second families splitting up, suicides within NRPs and a lot of losses like homes cars and also dignity.



Be warned


















 A must before splitting

News to prevent you paying maintenance twice