Text Box: Rounded Rectangle: Equal equalities Only when it suits women

This extract was sent in by a PWC/NRPP


I believe that the way fathers are treated in this country is awful and diabolical and getting worse. How the roles have reversed over the past 60 or so years. In the Edwardian and Victorian eras the man was the " head" of his household, the king in his castle, be that a good man or a bad man. Yet post WW11 this had begun to change and the women were all for the work ethic, no longer satisfied with sitting at home and looking after family and household.
Then we had the time of the liberated woman, the burning of the bra, womenís lib, Germaine Greer stating that women nowadays should be grateful to their older peers as they fought for womenís lib!!!! My response to MS Greer, who never married and only " dated" married men,, please leave the speech by the wayside,, i am NOT grateful at all for the womenís libbers, I am ,at best, most times ashamed to be of the female gender.
Women remember the " lib " when it suits them and will bellow it from the rooftops yet will surrender, albeit surreptitiously, when it suits them to do so to get what they want from society or the male gender.
I would rather remain as i am and be true to myself and the ethics i believe in and support those i feel need supporting.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and my life certainly has done that to me!!!
I have been at the receiving end of many of lifeís problems and I think I have covered everything that could happen to a person apart from murder, which I do not wish to entertain for obvious reasons!!!
I am not a typical woman , if indeed we know what a typical one is, but suffice it to say, i don't have a lot of the common traits!!!
I never court sympathy, merely walk with empathy, and if I can help others I feel better with my day.
I'll support anyone who is oppressed and cannot be heard and empathise with those who have been or are in , a similar situation to myself.
Good luck to all those people who's voices need hearing, i hope you find the listening ear that you so deserve.