Text Box: Rounded Rectangle: CSA and Liability Orders

  Should you have the misfortune to be summoned to court to have a Liability Order granted against you, you need to realise that the orders are 99.9% of the time a done deal before the date of the hearing. What Dead Beat Dads Association has discovered when assisting fathers in court is that it is merely a rubber stamping exercise by the Magistrates for CSA.


Liability orders are not worth the paper they are written on to be honest. Our experience shows that all liability orders are dealt with in a  PRIVATE court,, this is the reason why you can go in will the facts you don’t owe the money but the Magistrates will grant the Liability Order; The fact that the Magistrates sit in a PRIVATE case bearing in mind they say its Private because its children, however it isnt the child(ren) who has made the complaint, it’s the Secretary of State a wo/man who is a PUBLIC Servant to which all cases at court must be PUBLIC. In order for the CSA to get the result they wish regardless of  whether the money is owed or not. It is fact no money is owed to the CSA or  the Secretary of State as they don’t pay out any money in the first place so all complaints made at the court are false.


 As the Magistrates issue the Liability whilst outside of their public that liability order is not valid and cannot be relied upon at any future cases. There is a way of dealing with summons for liability Ordes


 A Magistrates Court is not a Court of law it is merely a Court of commerce, you are merely there to do banking business with them, only you are not aware of what they are up to.  Think about why there is a Justices Clerk in there, that is the bank clerk, have a look at a notice of fine, it will show an account number to pay that fine into, its all to do with banking and finances.  The strange part about it all is that the Courts are not financially licensed, and by fining you and allowing you to pay a debt they have created by way of instalments using debit or credit card, and giving you financial advice, i.e we are ordering you to pay x number of pounds, is giving financial advice.


If we look below you will see the Ministry Of JustICE trading as a business.  The first thing you must do when faced with a Liability Order summons, is to challenge the jurisdiction of the court





















































You will receive what looks like a summons inviting you to do business with the CSA and the Courts, you will notice that the summons comes from the CSA Belfast head office, and not the courts.  This is a clear indication that the CSA are working together with the courts, and lets face it both companies are Government bodies therefore one of the same company thus creating a conflict of interest.

 The thing what you need to understand is that the liability orders are already arranged within the CSA/CMEC, known as the administrative liability Orders, this is why under section 33 of the child Support Act 1991 the Magistrates  or Sheriff cannot question the CSA on how they calculate their assessments.

   This is why when you go into court they will not listen to your evidence, as according to their legislation there is no evidence to hear or see. Is this fair?????? Definitely not, however there is a reason this is happening but we are not going to go into that at this stage.

 The CSA before issuing a summons will try to get you to pay off an alleged debt that they say you owe, they will give you advice such as ask friends or family to lend you the money, take out a bank loan, default on your mortgage etc etc, this unfortunately they are not allowed to do, this is giving you financial advice which the CSA are not allowed to do.

































































































































































Ah an admittance that they are colluding with the Magistrates  by knowing what they may consider as a defence

The Magistrates are working for the Agency when we hire the court and the Magistrates for the day. They are then working for the Agency., so they will do what we say .

 We will use false instruments or false laws in order to impose unlawful statutes upon you and we will not allow you to prove your innocence and we will tie the Magistrates hands