Text Box: Listed here are a selection from the many who because of the intolerable financial pressure they were put under took their own lives. A sad and lasting testament to  the instigator and the government who created this detested legislation.
Rounded Rectangle: IN MEMORY 

Lance Corporal Young commits suicide after CSA persecuted him

Lance Corporal Young was found dead, hanged, in his room after he’d been persecuted by the Child Support Agency. He’d made a phone call to his mother just before he died; telling her how much he loved her. His mother, Rosita Atherly, told the inquest how her son was in tears. His mother called the MOD in an effort to get help for her son, but thirty minutes later Lance Corporal Young was found hanged in his room. A letter from the CSA was lying next to his body, with details about how he was having £300 per month deducted from his wages. This was done at the instruction of the CSA. He was paying for a child who he claimed was not his, and after requesting a DNA test the mother of child failed to show. The persecution at the hands of the CSA drove him to drink, and then finally to suicide. Lance Corporal Young is another example of a man being hounded by the CSA for money he believed he did not owe, for a child that wasn’t even his. Now sadly he is dead, and they cannot take money from him anymore.

Government Dictatorship are removing Family MoralsGovernment are stripping children of their fathers