Rounded Rectangle: About Dead Beat Dads

DEAD    CSA has claimed 61 Fathers  lives if not more so far

BEAT     Fathers are beaten by the draconian demoralising laws of the CSA

DADS    The children’s father who is now classed as a criminal because he is divorced

ASSOCIATION The group to stand their ground against unlawful inhumane Government Legislations

Dead Beat Dads was predominantly, a support group who were here to offer support and advice to  fathers who have been easy targets, preyed upon by the Child Support Agency and the new Child Maintenance Service. When we say easy targets we mean the ones that have already being paying into the system but then been told they have been wrongly calculated, then confronted with an unlawful Attachment of Earnings order under the guise of a Deduction from Earnings Order. Other fathers include those who have left their ex partners with a financial package such as houses, cars and or lump sums in order to keep the roof above their children’s heads, some who have also been paying direct to the ex partner but are now faced with the CSA on their case due to the ex partner realising she could get the money twice, that already paid and then have again through the CSA when she informs them that the father has not made any payments. If the father has no proof or records of payments made, then the CSA will just accept what the mother says. Ordinarily the CSA can choose not to take payments already made to the ex partner, into consideration. The site is here to help fathers see the light at the end of the tunnel,




 We are  here to expose the corruption that the general public do not see which ,as tax payers, they have every right to know what is going on. We are also here to highlight the point that mothers use the children as pay per view  services and to highlight the fact that the Government (who are a company themselves) are using smoke screens and mirrors to justify the existence of the  Child Support Agency and Child Maintenance Services, which now has to be paid for by both parties!!  There are a lot of other issues we have uncovered,.


We have done a few conferences in Blackpool ,Preston and London demonstrating the full facts of the corruption going on.