Text Box: Rounded Rectangle: Cameron charging to use the CSA

We would like to point out the Dead Beat Dads Association placed several objections to the Green Paper relating to new rules that legislate CMEC, in amongst those objections was the matter of charging the parent with care to use the service of CMEC, and to also involve other services such as your GP and government run companies in order to support separating parents and to help those parents who donít know where to turn during separation.


†Unfortunately this is merely a smoke screen as the government have no duty of care towards any of the people of England, that includes the children. The whole idea of the CSA , is to create revenue for the Government and the Treasury which in turn goes to funding the EU.


Unfortunately the wheels that turn and operate the CSA is the EU and not the UK Parliament, hence the reason why most of you who complain to your MP or even to the Prime Ministers office, all get passed back to the CSAs complaints resolution managers. Unfortunately MPs and Parliament have been told to put up and shut up and not get involved in directing the operation of the CSA.


The EU brought in legislation which does not comply with any basis of† fundamental British Law, in fact most of the Lords and the MPs were not even informed of the legislation that controls the CSA, and because the Child Support is so complicated even solicitors are told not to deal with non resident parents who have problems with the CSA. It is fact the Child Support Act 1991 does not comply with any basis of British Law, however it has been implemented to manipulate the laws and Acts of England.


†The question about charging the parent with care to use the services appeared an insult, even though Dead Beat Dads Association do not support nor assist the Parent with Care, once we read about this and other measures being thought up to regulate the CSA, it was quite evidential that the main priority was to create revenue for the CSA, however this revenue would not be seen by the children but more than likely the Government and moreover the EU. The CSA have on numerous occasions stated to us that they are a government run public body, it also purports to be a crown body that self insures itself, so lets break this down, they are a government run public body, therefore they are public servants, both the government and the CSA are there to serve the public, the government need the people of this country to vote them in, so ask yourself who has the power ?. They are there to work for us, not the other way around, they say they are self insured, this is impossible as it is classed as fraud as there can be no impartiality therefore it cannot act fairly during a claim. It confuses us when they say they are a crown body, yet they have £21.000 of county court judgements registered against it, if the courts are alleged to be a crown body, are they now telling us the crown issues CCJs against itself?

†If they are a public body, paid for by the tax payer, then why should the parent with care or even the non resident parent pay twice to use their own services?



We strongly recommend buying this book which will reveal the real goings on within the EU and the impact it has had on our country.

The Castle of Lies by Richard North and Christopher booker