Text Box: Rounded Rectangle: The Green Paper and the Gross method.

We at Dead Beat Dads Association placed a lot of objections into the Governments Green Paper, regarding the so called Strengthening Families scheme they are now introducing. Our Association did get a mention in the response, however our objections were not mentioned. The only things printed in the response to the Green Paper were those  organisations who were all in agreement with what the Government were trying to implement. Most of the Organisations that had their comments printed were in fact stake holders of the CSA.


 Due to our  on going research , and finding out the true facts about the Government for ourselves, we have come to a realisation that the new scheme will be as corrupt as all of the others.

Gross implementation, inviting the PWC to close down one claim to then re-apply for this gross scheme, means they will take no outgoings into account of the NRP, in effect they will have more of your hard earned money as they take it BEFORE any Tax or National Insurance and Pension deductions go out!


12,16 and 19% are the figures for one, two, three or more children of the GROSS wage, hence they will take more in maintenance. The PWC now keeps ALL of the maintenance decided ( since 12 April 2010 )    Maintenance payments are no longer is taken into account when the PWC claims Housing/ Council Tax benefits, it is not taken into account when they submit any claim for State Benefit.

The proposal of a fairer system leaves us with a bitter taste in our mouths as there is absolutely NOTHING fair about the pay per view scheme and Gross methods of calculating ALL NEW CLAIMS IN 2012. If the self employed believe they will be ok then think again as under the new Gross scheme they will go straight to HMRC to ascertain your earnings in any given Tax year, so they will not be relying on the NRP submitting accounts or wage slips, they will go straight to source.

 We strongly advise all Non Resident Parents to issue a letter to the CSA removing consent for them to close down your existing case and to start a new one under the new system.

So far we have been informed that the CSA have closed down a few cases, reopened new ones without consulting both parties to see if they both want to use the services of the CSA.