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Rounded Rectangle: The CSA Scams DEO and Liability Orders

There are a few scams that the CSA are using in order to rake in more revenue. DWP Ministers in the past has been telling everybody how wonderful the CSA has been and how it has raked in 1 Billion pound of money with 2 million of that going to the children of St Albans. The CSA claim they are doing good work in ensuring that children get money they are owed, stating that the money works out at £2,500 per child. Another one of his wonderful smoke screen statements are “In the meantime, the CSA will continue to pursue parents who evade their financial responsibilities. Our message to them is clear. Act now or we will. “ Typical of yet clueless ministers who refuses to bring his head from up his own backside and refuses to listen to organisations and other MPs how the CSA is not working.


  As DWP Ministers likes to preach “we will make errant fathers pay” we are recovering more money now than ever before” sorry, but you are telling lies here.


How the Scam Works


The latest scam is the Imaginary arrears scam, those NRPs already paying by Direct Debit or Standing order or Cheque, are being hit by letters from the CSA stating arrears have accrued despite the fact that NRPs have been paying the correct amount the CSA assessed them at from the beginning. When the NRP contacts the CSA to find out where these so called arrears have come from, the CSA caseworker then usually comes up with an excuse like “I don’t know I’m not your case worker your caseworker is not in today so please ring back tomorrow.” You then get the same reply the following day, however if your lucky and I mean lucky they may ask you to leave your number and they will get your case worker to ring you when they come back to work, this folks they never do.


  This will carry on for a few weeks until the CSA then decide it’s time for action against you, they will send you out a letter telling you that they are imposing a DEO on your wages as you have failed to pay the alleged arrears and you have failed to return forms they sent out to you for you to fill in therefore it is grounds for the CSA to impose a Deduction of Earnings Order on you. You can argue that you never received any forms and that you had no phone calls from them, however the law states that the CSA do not have to prove that any letters were sent out to be deemed as served it only states that once the CSA state they have sent the forms out then  it is to be deemed as served from the following day. So even though the CSA do not send out letters they only have to say it was posted then it is deemed as served upon you.

  The DEO will be issued upon you and they will then start to take money from your wages and that will include the imaginary arrears that the CSA cannot justify has come from, so the CSA are now taking money from you to which they cannot justify taking.


The CSA have to leave you with protected earnings to live on, however they can take 40% of your wages if they wish to do so and if the imaginary arrears are say £10.000 or more they state this has to be paid back in two years and that it is law.  This is NOT a law and the CSA are trying to intimidate NRPs by saying it is law and they then threaten NRPs with Bailiffs or court action. They will then try to ask you to pay it back on your credit card or remortgage your house, this they should not be doing and if you are lucky enough to get the case workers name then that will make it easier for you to prosecute the caseworker individually. We cannot stress this enough please please please  record every conversation you have with the CSA.


 Liability orders are another form of threat however there are procedures to be followed first and if this is not followed then their section 33 of the Child Support Law can be blown out of the water. If the CSA try telling you there is no need to turn up to court as the Liability Order will be granted regardless, again if you can get this on a recording even better because this way you can prosecute the caseworker in more ways than one.