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First of all you need to protect yourself and exercise your rights when these people call you. Please note that they do not call stating they are from the CSA, they call under the guise of the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) this is a ploy to lure you into a false sense of security to give out your personal details, so be prepared at any time to record the conversation. To do this you can use your mobile phone or a Dictaphone, mobile phone is probably best and easiest to transfer to your PC, for those without a PC then Dictaphone is your next option.


†† The CSA or DWP say their preferred method of contact is by telephone in order to speed up applications; well you do have the right by law to request everything to be done in writing. Do not give any personal information like date of birth, national insurance number, bank details, employer details or wage details over the phone as the CSA (DWP) cannot prove who they are so tell them to send out the Maintenance Assessment Form through the post. It does state in the Child Support Agency Guide under the Human Rights Act that if any NRP does not wish to be contacted by phone, then the CSA must respect the NRPís wishes.


† If you need to speak to the CSA make sure you record the conversation but make sure you advise them right from the beginning when they first contact you that any phone calls made will be recorded and tell them on the initial call of your actions and please ask them to log it. By doing this the caseworker will be notified by their computer system that all calls made by the NRP will be recorded., that way it is up to the case worker to end the call or not, if they donít then its obvious that they are aware that the call is being recorded and you can use the recording as evidence should you need it in the future. And believe it they hate it when you catch them out lying, but by that time its too late to back track on themselves. You can then pass that on to organisations like NACSA to forward to the Chief Executives of the CSA to help back up your case and prove what a corrupt organisation the CSA really is. Another body who will be interested in listening to your recordings would be your MP.

† Make sure that you send all letters by special delivery so that you have proof they have received it. This something they try to say that they have done when they say they have allegedly sent out letters to you but make sure they send you a copy of the alleged copy of the Special Delivery post mark so that you can check the number usually starting with GB with the Royal Mail. Nine times out of ten the letter is never sent so again this is another lie made by the CSA.


†Once the CSA have sent out the Maintenance Assessment Form and you have returned them along with the Direct Debit Mandate form then they should start to calculate your assessment and start taking the money from you Direct Debit. If there are any arrears then they have to be negotiated, do not fall for the story where the arrears have to be paid back within two years, this is just a CSA guideline and not law nor is it legislation so they cannot enforce the arrears onto your Direct Debit for it to be paid back within the two years and this must be brought to a Magistrates attention with immediate effect.

† Please please please remember to record all conversations and make them aware that you are recording the conversation, as this is good hard evidence to present in Court. The Agency may want to then put you down as correspondence only, which means to correspond with them you will have to write letters to them in order to have any questions answered. Make sure that you send all correspondence Special Delivery to make sure that you are aware that they have received your letters. You can track your letter by logging onto the Royal Mail web site and inputting your unique code which usually starts with GB then the long number. If your letter has been delivered it will tell you that your item was delivered on such a date and signed by such a person that is your proof that your letter has been delivered to the CSA. Do not be fooled into thinking these people at the CSA will tell you that they have received your letter and they are looking into your case, they will not they will lie and say they havenít received anything even though they have, this means further delay for you by having to resend all the information out to them.






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