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The myths that the Child Maintenance Service is there to ensure that parents take responsibility for their children is untrue;

The Child Maintenance Services do not own your property, neither do Government, neither do Parliament, if they did then most of us fathers would be able to bill the Child Maintenance Services for looking after their property prior to any divorce, separation or up until the Child Maintenance Services started to harass you for payment.

Other than the changes in the Net and Gross percentages on how many children are involved, the new CMS are just as equally the same as the Child Support Agency, who then became Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission who then reverted back to the child Support Agency.

They say itís a more user friendly system, but given the track record of the abuse of the system by public servants who abuse the system to gain more equity or to abuse the system to summon fathers to court, which we can where the corruption escalates to a higher degree;


Child Support Codes are complicated, and so complicated even those who wrote it, didn't realise it conflicted with other laws, however thanks to the corrupt Magistrates and District Judges those conflicts are soon covered up and concealed to interfere with your basic fundamental rights and to ensure that the fraud still continues, and we speak through first hand knowledge of those facts;





The myths about the new child Support Service