Text Box: Rounded Rectangle: New Changes to the CSA

A few people have been receiving letters regarding the changes in the how their child maintenance is paid. The Government have decided in their wisdom that they want to try to create further controversy between the two parents by wanting them to reach an agreement regarding their maintenance , and if they fail to do so then the Agency will charge both parents a fee for using their services.


A couple of years ago Dead Beat Dads Association placed their objections to this in the Green Paper, as this was a pure money making scheme to increase the  funding for the Privateers  hiding behind the public service we know as the Child Support Agency.


A couple of reasons for this was


1. The Agency are aware that there are most parents with care who have used the Agency, who do not get on with the Non resident parent and have used the children to use the Agency as weapons to get some form of revenge on the non resident parent. This the government thrives on and have seen it as a big money making scheme to increase revenue to fund the privateers running on the back of the Public Body.

2. The Agency is already funded by the tax payer, yes that’s right they are a PUBLIC BODY, however there are privateers who are profiteering from all of this and making the tax payer ( parent with care and Non resident parent) pay twice.


We do not have a issue with the Agency we have issues with the Men and Women at Government who forget they are public servants, and are using minions on the front line staff driven by targets as some form of Judicial and financial decision maker to create revenue not for the children but for the Private Company operating behind the name of the Child Support Agency


The reason for abolishing the Child Maintenance Enforcement Commission was to rid the County Court Judgements it had registered against it, they are now doing that with the Child Support Agency.


Recent court cases we  put together for a few of our members confirmed there was some form of fraudulent racketering taking place and the Agency have been withdrawing cases against our members when we required the Agency to produce their public accounts to the courts show evidence of debts allegedly owed to the Agency. No such debts exists, all that exist are mere calculations on pieces of paper made up by PUBLIC servants exceeding their public jurisdiction. The Agency have tried wriggling out of this by stating it is the Parent with Care who has made the application, however Court paperwork clearly shows public servants are the ones bringing the complaint as they are the ones signing the application form.



If you get a letter from the CSA telling you to speak to your ex to come to an agreement, you want to write back to the Agency and require them to act accordingly to verify what their financial interest is in your Property in order for them to become involved between your ex and your property.


Ensure you place all of your property into a Trust, that way no court and especially the CSA can get their hands on your property if it is held in a Trust for a beneficiary, this we have advised a few of our members to do and it worked. With one member a Liability Order was granted in an inferior court known as a Magistrates Court, as the CSA were after money, (EQUITY) Magistrates are not authorised to deal with EQUITY matters, however because Magistrates are an inferior court and a court not of LAW, they practice their own private rules and laws in order to make you think a debt is legally owed.


No member of staff at the Agency and that includes the Secretary of State has a RIGHT to trespass on your property, your property is your money, your house, your passport. Men and women employed at the Agency are no more than anybody else employed say as a man or woman working at Tescos or Sainsbury’s, although they may have duties to make assessments and send out allegations and threats to take your property, they have no more rights to take your property than  the next door neighbour.


Remember every change made to the CSA is another money making scam to furnish the pockets of the privateers running a private racket behind the so called public body to line the pension pockets of ministers, or to fund the pockets of the EU.


Don’t forget it was admitted by Noel Shanahan “ basically it is a number brought up to say to the non-resident parent “this is how much you will have to pay” and used as a bit of a lever when they would not give us their pay and information, which we have to ask for. So actually it was inflated, and it seems to be inflated by about 300%” That basically is fraud, and which is why we always demand their public accounts to show a negative figure, or an actual debt accrued to CMS to show that what ever amount they try to enforce you through the inferior administrative Magistrates or County  Court they can zero their balance, this of course they can never do, and they avoid answering the question about showing the accounts in the hope that the Magistrates or County Court will conceal their fraud