Text Box: Rounded Rectangle: Deduction From Earnings Orders

For those employers whose payroll is not part of the  The Institute of Payroll Professionals or the Payroll Alliance, then you are within your rights ,when issued with what purports to be a legal document known as the Deduction from Earnings order, to ask for their legal qualifications. You are also entitled to see copies of their public business accounts to show that the CSA have paid out the funds in order for them to recover it as a debt from the alleged liable person. No proof ,no pay.

The fact that they are giving incorrect information, let alone legal advice, when they are not qualified to do so , clearly shows the length this business, trading as the Child Support Agency, will go to in order to create revenue for a debt that does not really exist.


As stated before the CSA are a business, they are not a court, they hold no legal qualifications, they are not registered with the Law Society nor are they registered with the Barr. Don’t believe us? then simply ask the CSA.


 For those employees who have employers whose payroll department are members of the The Institute of Payroll Professionals or the Payroll Alliance, then you hit a problem. Firstly if you ask the payroll department if they are registered with the Institute of Payroll Professionals or the Payroll Alliance, they refuse to answer, the reason for this is because the Institute of Payroll Professionals and the Payroll Alliance, are stakeholders of the CSA. Please see below the evidence taken from the Maintenance Calculations Regulations 2012

If they are stakeholders, then your employers payroll department are not going to against or question the CSA if they have an interest in that business. What will eventually happen is that your employer may want to silence you  and one way of silencing you is to  threaten you with your career. So be warned at how deep the corruption will go.




Example of what you the employer will receive from a Public Servant

There is no law to say you cannot pass this to your employee

Who is this “WE”, is it the Agency, a name only that cannot move, breath write pay funds out, or is it a PUBLIC servant who has themselves not paid out any funds or has any personal claim against your employee?

First it’s a request a which then becomes an obligation. There is no such thing as Child Support Law, there is an act which is not a law as it is a PRIVATE code only solicitors really understand.

The only law we have in this Country is Common Law.

Ah we see it is Carla Prendergast, the woman who makes the claim but never signs any documents

This here is giving you legal advice, we can verify that the Agency is not registered with the SRA, or the Law Society, and to impersonate a Solicitor is a Criminal offence itself

This is what the employer went back with to Carla at the Agency


Hi Carla

   We understand that you believe a xxxxxxxxxx works for this company and that you have stated your request is made under child support law, and , that we must provide this information in accordance with section  14A of the Child Support Act 1991, and regulations made under section 14 of that act.


It is also noted in your correspondence the threat of a criminal offence without reasonable excuse, fails to provide such information when requested to do so, or knowingly causes or allows information to be provided that they know to be false, if a court finds them guilty of that criminal offence outlined above, they can be fined up to £1000.


We must due to the protection of Private and Confidential material being disclosed to Carla Prendergast Centre Manager request a copy of Carla’s legal Qualifications and proof that Carla is registered with the Law Society that authorises such legal advice to be given and to ensure that the information Carla has given is correct.


Unfortunately we are not familiar with the said acts that Carla has referred to, and looking at the words used in the said acts does not state i must provide information as stated by Carla, it merely states the Secretary of State MAY request information, which Carla appears to be misleading the public, therefore the reason for questioning the legal qualifications of the Centre manager known as Carla Prendergast.


We trust that Carla is fully qualified to give legal advice and is registered with the Law Society, and we look forward to receiving proof that she is and require that information within 5 working days of receipt of this notice.


We must point out that have been advised by the law society that any PUBLIC servant is not covered by the Data Protection Act as they are in the PUBLIC arena and have waived all rights to have their names or personal information withheld especially when operating in the PUBLIC, therefore any attempt to hide Carla’s qualifications under the said act will be seen as an attempt to defraud the public.


We will also be contacting the Law Society to ascertain Carla’s legal qualifications, and if it is known to us that she is not then we have no other alternative than to take matters further.


We await your earliest response




We can confirm that the Agency has written back to state they will be investigating this however wonder why it is taking well over three months to find Carlas legal qualifications. So all you employers out there, you do have the right to question them before giving out Private details to this PUBLIC body