Text Box: Rounded Rectangle: How the CSA try to silence us


After receiving our data prints from the CSA it proved  what goes on behind closed doors within the Agency. They even provided a copy of a recording between ourselves and a case worker, and at no time did they state that the call was being recorded.

 What we want to draw your attention to is this particular report from the Longbenton department, where, I had asked them perfectly lawful questions regarding the law and the stance of the CSA, take a look below, this was in with our data pack















































We, the Association, asked for a meeting with the Chief Executive, however as you can see that was ruled out as we appear to be threatening towards the Agency, so Geraghty has  protection  to hide him from being questioned, and why? Because we appear to be bombastic, wonder what that makes the Agency when they threaten  paying fathers with prison, DEO removal of driving licenses and so on?.

 I wonder what they mean by being misguided?, I don’t think we are misguided at all, I think they are now aware that we are onto what goes on within each office wall, including extra bonuses for administering Liability Orders and setting up Deductions from Earnings Orders.


 Ronan’s view is this, and lets look at that word VIEW, so it is not in any law or legislation and cannot be backed up with hardened evidence, in other words he is manipulating other members of staff, they are under no requirement to reply substantively to most of our letters. When we call them they state we are correspondence only, when we write in they ignore us, how interesting, a government run agency ignoring customers, oops hang on lets not forget they are not an authority they are a company, a run for profit company. Please see www.tpuc.org or look here http://deadbeatdadsassociation.co.uk/index_files/Page9349.htm which confirms they are a company. They are even trading on companies house or Duport and we now have those company numbers for the CSA



Ronan states that they should stick to reiterating their points:

“Child Maintenance is a requirement in this country, it is the Agency’s responsibility to assess, collect and enforce.” (Don’t they know about Common Law, don’t they know they cannot enforce anything upon us unless we consent to it?.) “Remind him that they operate within the framework agreed by Parliament.” This they are stating about Parliament, who are yet  another run for profit company, you can check this out on Dun and Bradstreet who are a global credit reference agency for business’s and companies, you will find Houses of Parliament and the House of Lords all trading as a company, who are manipulating regulations in order to enforce their rules upon us unlawfully. “Their framework is to assess, collect and enforce,” lets show them a little reminder here shall we http://deadbeatdadsassociation.co.uk/index_files/Page9810.htm   where CSA staff contacts the parent with care and informs her about the living conditions of the non resident parent. If you care to look closely at the letter it states that a Mrs Darwen of the CSA had expressed concerns about the suitability of a fathers accommodation for staying contact,  how many times have we heard  times from the CSA that Child Maintenance and Contact Issues are separate and the Agency do not get involved with contact issues, they have to be done through the courts?. Are we missing something here, what is going on, a case worker from the CSA interfering with contact issues, preventing a father from having contact with his children?. Add the fact that the case worker was telling a blatant lie as she never got anywhere near the upstairs of his home, nor did she venture into the living room, so she would not have had a clue what the rest of his home was like, again more proof of lies and corruption from the Agency.



They seem to think that it is unreasonable to expect 100% accuracy and that is why they have a complaints and appeal system, is it unreasonable to expect even 20% accuracy from the Agency is what we should be asking, because the amount of complaints that are coming in to us is unbelievable, why should they have an appeal system, why can’t they get it right first time? Its all in the plan on how they are programmed to run, to make up figures, abuse powers, manipulate courts in order to unlawfully enforce unenforceable orders, the actual  procedure is all planned very carefully to work that way.


 They are concerned that we are targeting specific people and they are informing staff to ask us to desist. We are very sorry, but if certain members of staff are breaking the law of the land, do you think it reasonable for us to let it go?, we think not, these people will be  exposed and brought to justice.

They want to apologise for the backlog within their Data Protection Department and they want to provide us with some assurance they are aware of this. We have scrutinised the data Protection Act and we cannot find anywhere where it states the Child Support Agency is exempt from this act if they have a backlog, this is more proof that the Agency think they are above the law.


Now we come to the interesting part, “do not deal with  his Magna Carta points –unless someone wishes to put him straight” This is really interesting how Ronan does not want to look at or answer the questions relating to Magna Carta 1297 section 29 !

We can assure you that Ronan will not answer this question because he has been found out and they cannot answer the question why they have broken the law.


They state again that we will not be having a meeting now or in the future, really Ronan?, our paths will cross we can assure you of that.

It is also interesting that they wish the Stakeholders to manage our Association, and to point us towards the mainstream. We wonder what the mainstream could be?. Well we can all surmise who the Stakeholders are, we already know who they are! so next time they enquire as to how we are running and how we are fairing within the world of Liability Orders etc we know what we can say, absolutely nothing!!

More proof the CSA is a company, if they have stakeholders or shareholders, then they are a company. Dead Beat Dads will not be part of this Agency, and we will not be bought nor silenced. We are fighting for our common law rights to be used rather than dictatorship rules imposed by a company trading as The Government



If you notice here they say do not deal with Magna Carta Policies, the reason behind this is because nobody at the CSA CMS are legally qualified.

Notice how they want to steer us away from the crooks of their corruption and fraudulent ways of obtaining money through false claims and false private court hearings