Rounded Rectangle: Proof of the Corruption

What To Expect when speaking to these people

These are calls to the CSA which now show that case workers line managers and the justice system is so corrupt in order to recover money at an alarming rate. As we stated before folks we had a meeting with Kitty Ussher and we gave her copies of the recordings of her staff telling lies about laws and managerial steers, how they try and intimidate people. We provided proof to her that the new laws being introduced for CMEC were actually against our Constitutional Rights and the Human Rights which she had not realised. So folks they cannot say they have not been told, we have also provided proof that when people write in and complain to the head of the CSA those people never actually receive the complaints as we provided proof that people in Caxton House were passing the complaints to Complaints Managers to answer but we highlighted and provide more proof that those managers were more corrupt than the case workers under them and they actually hid a lot of complaints to stop people like James Plaskitt and Stephen Geraghty at the time being made aware of the complaints. Enjoy listening to how we caught these people out.




The lies and scams from a debt enforcement officer and the proof of the corruption between Secretary of State and the Ministry of Justice




















Caseworkers that do not know their own statute laws                  CSA at it again Part One

                                                                                                              Clearly showing another

                                                                                                               Clueless case worker

















CSA at it again Part Two

















The reason why they have pulled our videos, this the most corrupt Government run company trying to make as much money as possible for the family courts, the Magistrates Courts and the proof is there to show the truth behind the CORRUPT CHILD SUPPORT AGENCY, how they work with the other government run company trading as the MINISTRY OF JUSTICE  also known as THE MAGISTRATES COURT,  in order to unlawfully secure money for the shareholders, the courts, and the Government. It is time to expose this, the Government DO NOT have your children’s best interest at heart, the Government only have their property, their children, they are not your children, they are property of the Government, the Government make money from their property known as the Birth Certificate, that is why they need every child to be registered so they can secure money on their heads. 

 As you can now see most of our calls are back on site, this time they cannot be removed by any Government interference, the calls on this page are also due to being re released, and there is more to follow