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As time has gone on† we at Dead Beat Dads have been hard at work doing more research into why the corrupt CSA are getting Liability Orders granted and fathers are being prevented from giving evidence or the Magistrates are not interested in what evidence is produced that illustrates the CSA have acted unlawfully.

†Since starting up Dead Beat Dads we have been pointed in the right direction by certain groups, and individuals, who have researched deeply into the corruption within the Government and their quangos,†† This then led to DBDA following that research in order to help NRPs fight back, and the CSA do not like it when you start fighting back.






As the research has gone on folks it has come to light all this business about reducing child poverty has been a smoke screen as we have been stating all along, however it was the business regarding the Magistrates Court procedures and the rubber stamping of the orders that had us confused, but not any more. We have found out that the Magistrates Court are a Company, not an authority but a company, a run for profit company that uses illegal procedures to force Liability Orders upon the Non resident Parent.

Below is the proof and the corruption is being exposed and now you can stop the Magistrates from acting against you.


This is a report from Dunn and Bradstreet† that shows HMCTS ,who is controlled by the Ministry of Justice, is trading as a company. Dunn And Bradstreet are like a credit reference agency for companies who wish to trade with other companies, any company wishing to do business with another company can gain access to that companies status and how it operates financially and how it controls its finances.

If you care to look at this business pretending to be an authority it actually has a County Court Judgement registered against it and it was registered against that business , the Ministry of Justice in December 2008, so how has this company got any credibility to order Liability Orders if it is trading as a company, NOW DOYOU SEE THE SMOKE SCREEN AND THE CON FOLKS?

† The plot thickens and yes we could not believe it either when we put in CHILD SUPPORT AGENCY, see below:

The CSA has CCJs!!!!!!

There is the proof, the CSA are also trading as a company, they are NOT an authority , 3 fathers have managed to postpone the Court Procedures due to helping them exercise their rights.

† The con is quite simple, once it was discovered, after extensive research of the most corrupt Government run agency, it became apparent that most of us Non Resident Parents are being told by Agency staff that they are the LAW or they have the power to remove money from your wages, from bank accounts, remove your driving license and send you to prison,.

†The fight back begins because it has become quite clear to see that this agency is creating a Non resident Parent Poverty to reduce the so called Child Poverty which does not exist in this country anyway, and basically a lot of non resident parents who have contacted us have informed us that their ex partners the PWC has not been receiving any money despite the fact money had been collected by the agency from the NRP, the facts are there, CHILD POVERTY DOES NOT EXIST, it is a smoke screen being used to remove money by trying to enforce what we call Statute Law upon the NRP.




number††††††††††† UC5319124

date established at address††† No data available



message††††††† there are 2 unsatisfied CCJs totalling 16742.00 for businesses with this name at this address.

On 14/07/2008, a Judgment of 13410.00 was made in DEWSBURY court (Case No. 8DW01253) against CHILD SUPPORT AGENCY, of ROOM BP5301, BENTON PARK VIEW, LONGBENTON, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, NE98 1YX, Ref. No. 0810894805.

You can see for yourself here, Dead Beat Dads paid for a report on a company trading as the Child Support Agency and guess what came up, thatís right it has increased to over £21,000 so they donít even do good business. So much for the CSA being crown immune even going back a couple a couple of years. We are now in the process of being able to put together a system that will remove DEOs, and to force the CSA to pay back every penny they have removed from you, because they had no authority taking it in the first place. They have hidden behind the moralistic views about getting money to the children that need it, and how they are reducing child poverty which they were supposed to have reduced by 2010, however that has now been moved to 2020.

The smoke is clearing even more,

There is the proof, the Child Support Agency is a company, a run for profit company, they are NOT an authority.

CSA now Trading as the Child Maintenance Enforcement Commission.


All they have done is changed their COMPANY name