Rounded Rectangle: Corrupt Case workers

How low can these people get?

We have yet more proof of the corruption that is going on here which proves the CSA will go to great lengths to help the parent with care. The letter below shows a letter sent to one of the NRP’s we supported who had a visit from a CSA inspector to discover income details etc etc. That is what they are supposed to do and they do say that Child maintenance and contact issues are two separate things, the CSA are not supposed to get involved with contact issues but look at this letter sent to one of our members from his ex’s solicitor.

 This corrupt CSA worker has exceeded her so called jurisdiction and has contacted his ex wife and informed her of the so called state of his home. He was in fact having a new fitted kitchen installed and this was the only room she actually saw, but look what she has informed his ex, no cooking facilities, no beds, bedding furniture or television, she never saw any other part of his home so this goes to show the vindictive sly tricks the CSA will go to prevent this father seeing his children , just so the PWC or the Treasury  will rake in more money as the father will not have access or overnight stays with his children.

















































 When the NRP contacted the solicitor and asked what it had to do with the CSA about his living accommodations, and what evidence did she have to back up the allegations, this is the response he got .





























































Now the seed has been planted, he cannot get access to his children because of this CSA worker, the solicitor has told him to take that up with the CSA but the CSA turns deaf dumb and blind. Now the plot thickens doesn’t it? CAFFCASS as we know are a company, so are the CSA/CMS so what financial interest do CafCass have with the CSA?